[wpkg-users] TrueCrypt again...

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Thu May 13 13:12:05 CEST 2010

Hi Marco,

On 13.05.2010 10:00, Marco Gaiarin wrote:
> I need to deploy TrueCrypt, and this seems a non-trivial task...

I was installing TrueCrypt via WPKG too and found just a few glitches:
- Installer has no silent mode
- Installing manually (extract and copy to %ProgramFiles%) does not install the
  "truecrypt" service which is required for non-admins to use TrueCrypt
- Even adding the service manually lets TrueCrypt trigger an UAC prompt on
  Vista/7 if installed manually

After some investigation I found that The TrueCrypt binary (TrueCrypt.exe) seems
to call itself with /UAC parameter which triggers an UAC prompt if it does not
find the uninstall entries. Even if the service is installed properly. Quite
silly but not really a problem to work-around. I wrote a small batch script
which adds the service and fakes the uninstall entry. This is working perfectly
and does not trigger any UAC prompt.

I have uploaded my package to RapidShare for reference:
MD5: 1DCBE2A58EF3AB06D8401C0A043419D6

How to use it:
The archive already contains a sample WPKG package XML (TrueCrypt.xml). The
package is configured to run unattended.cmd.

unattended.cmd performs the following tasks:
- Extract TrueCrypt.exe to %ProgramFiles%\TrueCrypt
- Adds "truecrypt" service and installs system driver
- Adds uninstall entry

After this you might even uninstall TrueCrypt via control panel.

If you need to update TrueCrypt this is pretty simple to do:
- Download TrueCrypt from the web page
- Run the installer and select to extract the binaries
Now you get a sub-Folder called "TrueCrypt" which contains all which needs to be
installed in %ProgramFiles%. To illustrate it I just left this folder in the
package above.
- Use 7-Zip (http://7-zip.org/) to create a self-extracting archive from the
  "TrueCrypt" sub folder.
  - Just rigt-click the TrueCrypt subfolder, select 7-Zip => Add to Archive...
  - Select 7z archive format and enable "Create SFX archive" option
  - Click OK and 7-Zip creates a nice TrueCrypt.exe archive
- You might want to update the VERSION variable in unattended.cmd too.

So the only thing you need to do for updates is to create a new Self-Extract
archive and update the version in unattended.cmd header.


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