[wpkg-users] TrueCrypt again...

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Thu May 13 10:15:42 CEST 2010

  When I worked on this originally I discovered that the truyecrypt driver/service that is installed is done at a low permission level than 'system'.  I cannot remember the registry setting at the moment but I had to change the value from '2' or '3' to '1' to make it system.  Otherwise normal users do not have permissions to install the service, only administrators.
  Try to use a free msi repackager which allow you to import registry keys.  I will have another look at this week.

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I need to deploy TrueCrypt, and this seems a non-trivial task...

1) TrueCrypt authors seems totally irresponsive to make a silent
 install or a standard (better MSI) one. Look at TC forums, some reply
are very astonishing... boh...

2) but TC installer do a very easy thing: copy .sys files and .exe
 files in respective directory and setup the service with .sys.
Docs say that and also a manual registry diff before and after the
installation confirm that.

3) so a solution like the manual service install proposed by Brian May
 seems suffice:

I'm not very used to work woth drivers, so my fear with this approach
are on upgrade: i can simply copy over the old .sys the new one? Even
if i use full disk encryption?

Googling around, a good approach would be:

a) with a repackager, create an MSI file, for example:

someone have feedback on this .msi?

b) create simply a .inf file and install the driver via DPInst:

but the method proposed (install manually and get .inf file from
%WINDOR%\inf\ folder) does not work because again the TC installer
install the driver manually.

Someone have some experience and tools on building a .inf file so i can
use DPInst to install/upgrade TC, or can point me to relevant links?
I've found:

but the second link seems dead...

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