[wpkg-users] Package limit in a single profile

Nick Elmendorf nelmendorf at slcpl.org
Wed Feb 2 19:42:43 CET 2011


First no limit on how many you can have as far as I remember. My profile I use daily has at least twice as many packages. 

It might not be package 8 or 9 that is holding it up. How WPKG works is that it will go in order, package 1, then package 2, but that is first dependent on package priority but then its also dependent on package dependencies. For instance, you could have Microsoft Paint.net as your 4th package and Microsoft.Net 4.0 as your 5th Package but you would need to have the dependency for Paint.net on Microsoft.net, so it would temporarily skip Package 4 (the Paint.net), install package 5 (Microsoft.net) then go back and do package 4. Alternatively you could have package one priority 1 and package 2 priority 100 and package 2 will install first. Higher number package installs first.

Another tip about order, I like to put potentially troublemaker programs towards the end, and do force reboots. Of course when WPKG starts it will run a check against what has installed and continue from there. 

Finally the reason you say your later packages aren't working leads me to believe you recently slapped together some code, threw it on the end of a Profile and let it rip. At least that's the issue I have with new code. I would go back and check the new code.

Also I don't know what you use for error checking but I'll plug Tail v. 4.2.12. I use it and while it sometimes won't catch a tail it works 95% of the time, and its free.

Hope this helps.

Nick Elmendorf
Senior Information Technology Specialist

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