[wpkg-users] WPKG + Wireless Laptops

Paul McGrath J.P.McGrath at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Feb 2 09:39:15 CET 2012

Hi Matthew,
  A simple answer to your question is that you can delay the WPKG service from starting as you can with any Windows service. We do this on new Windows 7 images which are syspreped.  They boot, join a domain, reboot then the WPKG is delayed and then starts installing.
  You could also add an entry to task scheduler to restart the service periodically to pick up changes or new packages.

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I've been looking into WPKG and it looks like it can be very useful for 
my needs.

It is my understanding that the client looks for packages to install 
when the system boots. The information I have found has not been 
extremely clear.

What happens when WPKG can't talk to the server?
With a wireless laptop, will WPKG wait until the wireless connection 
come ups to attempt to contact the server? If not, when do updates get 

I have a few labs of Windows Vista/7 laptops. I would like to push out 
various updates. What I don't want to happen is for a user to login and 
start working and then have the programs they using update. Also, 
occasionally some of these laptops will go offsite where they won't have 
access to the WPKG file share.

It is also my understanding there is no status displayed to the users 
unless if WPKG-GP is used, correct?

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