[wpkg-users] WPKG + Wireless Laptops

Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 09:55:04 CET 2012

Am 02.02.2012 09:39, schrieb Paul McGrath:
> Hi Matthew,
>    A simple answer to your question is that you can delay the WPKG service from starting as you can with any Windows service. We do this on new Windows 7 images which are syspreped.  They boot, join a domain, reboot then the WPKG is delayed and then starts installing.
>    You could also add an entry to task scheduler to restart the service periodically to pick up changes or new packages.
> Paul

I am installing at shutdown, since there is no problem with running 
processes and working users.

For Windows 7 I use a scheduled task at 22:00, which will run WPKG.js 
and shuts the system down afterwards.
This checks for a running explorer.exe process, which indicates a logged 
on user and skips the installation and shutdown if one is found.

Stefan P.

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