[wpkg-users] Firewall problems

Falko Trojahn wpkg at trojahn.de
Fri Apr 19 11:04:21 CEST 2013

Hi all,

just noticed that I have a strange problem with my BackupPC windows
backups after April, 5.

The problem seems to be, that my firewall rules don't apply any more - so
backuppc has no access to the stations. Only 2 stations did backups until
10th vs. 15th of April,
the others had there last backup on April 5.

I use something like this:

# enable firewall
	<install cmd='netsh firewall set opmode enable' />
# enable ping
	<install cmd='netsh firewall set icmpsetting all disable' />
# enable file and print access for a specific IP
	<install cmd='netsh firewall set service type = FILEANDPRINT mode =
enable scope = CUSTOM addresses =' />

Does anybody know what could be wrong here?

We use samba server and no domain.

Thanx in advance!
Best regards,

Your's sincerely - Mit freundlichen Grüßen -
Reçevez mes salutations distinguées

Falko Trojahn 

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