[wpkg-users] MS SQL Server 2008 installer

Rob Bos rbos-wpkg at novylen.net
Mon Apr 22 01:33:32 CEST 2013

I'm installing QSR NVivo 10 with WPKG, calling it indirectly from a 
startup script, so it's installing as the computer user (eg, 
LIB4009-17$), and to install it, you have to put in MS SQL Server 2008.  
SQLEXPR_64_ENU.exe is exiting with code -595541211, which according to 
Google, means that I need to give it three permissions - "Debug 
Programs", "Managing auditing and security log", and "Back up files and 

I went into our GPO manager and gave our "DOMAIN\Domain Computers" group 
full access, as well as Administrators and SYSTEM, but the installer 
still refuses to work.

Any suggestions?

2013-04-21 16:25:26 -     [0] => 2013-04-21 16:23:07, ERROR   : Could 
not process (upgrade) package 'QSR NVivo 10' (nvivo10):|Exit code 
returned non-successful value (-595541211) on command 

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