[wpkg-users] Firewall problems

heiko.helmle at horiba.com heiko.helmle at horiba.com
Fri Apr 19 11:46:55 CEST 2013

> Hi all,
> just noticed that I have a strange problem with my BackupPC windows
> backups after April, 5.
> The problem seems to be, that my firewall rules don't apply any more - 
> that 
> backuppc has no access to the stations. Only 2 stations did backups 
> 10th vs. 15th of April,
> the others had there last backup on April 5.

The most common cause of this problem (at least with the customers I 
diagnosed this with), was they changed something in the network that 
windows barfed on. So workstations configured with a "Local" (Work) 
Profile suddenly applied the "Public" Profile for the local network - 
which is much more restrictive and disables Sharing by default.

Did you check if your problematic workstations are still applying the 
correct firewall profile?

Also - on Vista the firewall profile is global and it locks down 
completely if you have virtual adapters like VMware's.

on XP there are no profiles.

Best Regards
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