[wpkg-users] wpkg reading wrong host architecture win7

Carlos Gomes - STI Unesp Franca cgomes at franca.unesp.br
Thu Dec 5 20:06:46 CET 2013

> 2013/12/5 Nicolas Briche <nbriche at free.fr>
>> Hi,
>> Le 2013-12-05 15:38, Carlos Gomes - STI Unesp Franca a écrit :
>>  and fusion gets less information than possible if
>>> the 32b version runs on a 64 system.
>> That's a FusionInventory bug, corrected in v2.3.3.
>> N.
> well nice, now I can work up with fusion, but yet still the machine with
> x64 wpkg is reading x86, is there any specific setup to correct this on
> wpkg?

Iv noticed on the local file \windows\system32\wpkg.xml on the first line:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<wpkg:wpkg xmlns:wpkg="http://www.wpkg.org/settings" hostname="brg142f64b"
architecture="x86" os="microsoft windows 7 professional, , sp1, 6.1.7601"
ipaddresses="" domainname="" groups="" lcid="416" lcidOS="416">

it got the wrong architecture, even with windows systeminfo and control
pannel / properties having the corredt x64 info, where dit wpkg got this
erroneous information about the workstation? is there any way to
troubleshoot this?
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