[wpkg-users] Howto monitor software upates

Falko Trojahn wpkg at trojahn.de
Mon Feb 11 11:29:17 CET 2013

Hello Ralf,

> Thanks for all replies. Let me sum up what we have so far:
> 1) RSS or email notification
> 2) One bash script for each software component to update
> 3) Update scanner firefox plugin
> 4) GLPI + FusionInventory
> My thoughts:
> 1) Not always available.
> 2) Good approach, but to time intensive to set up. Additionally needs
> administration to keep up with changes.
> 3) Not bad, but false positives is annoying and tends to ignoring
> 4) The "huge" approach but data collected at a single point on a server.
> Actually what I was looking for.
> I like the idea of no. 4 the most at the moment, but brings me to some
> other thoughts and questions which may be the wrong point to aks here:
> I was planning to implement an inventory system in any way. The only
> free/open source server/client software available  - which I found - and
> which is also capable of doing software licence inventory is OCS
> NG.
We had OCS + GLPI but changed to Fusioninventory only some time ago. Some
are automatically recognised, some not - depends on Software.
ekeyfinder as wpkg package does a good job, too.

> Can anybody tell me if GLPI + FusionInventory is able to do software
> licence inventory? It would be a great deal to have everything together
> a single point...

GLPI reports plugin does a good job in showing licenses. Mostly I manage
the license entries manually by assigning the licenses and the client -
 e.g. multi-seat licenses get several clients assigned.

Example Adobe CS6 - license is not recognized by GLPI. Note even the name
the Main Product is available, so I use e.g. Photoshop CS6 as assignee
for the license, since it will be installed on all clients - other
components not.

Since the license informations like purchase date, contract, end date etc.
be inserted manually, too, maintaining licenses by hand is not so big
for me.

Best regards,

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