[wpkg-users] Problems with vlc player and Adobe Reader 11.0.02

Carlos R. Pasqualini pasqualinic at fcal.uner.edu.ar
Thu Feb 21 14:25:42 CET 2013

El jue, 21-02-2013 a las 08:30 +0000, Michael Mosel escribió:
> Hey everyone,
> I am still having trouble deploying vlc player and the new Adobe Reader 11.0.02.
> Could someone of you perhaps send me their packages so I can have a look and try to figure out what exactly is going wrong?
> Thank you in advance
> Michael

Hi Michael

Mi VLC package is not so much different than the simple method explained
in http://wpkg.org/Vlc

I have started using WPKG with a VLC version 2.0.1 and have upgraded
every version through 2.0.5 without any trouble using this package

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        xsi:schemaLocation="../../xsd/packages.xsd" >

    <package id="vlc"
            name="VLC Player"

        <variable name="PKG_VERSION"        value="2.0.5" />
        <variable name="PKG_SOURCE"         value="%SOFTWARE%\video\vlc
\vlc-%PKG_VERSION%-win32.exe" />

        <check type="uninstall" condition="versiongreaterorequal"
path="VLC media player .+" value="%PKG_VERSION%" />

        <install cmd='"%PKG_SOURCE%" /S' />

        <upgrade include="install" />
        <downgrade include="install" />

        <remove cmd='"%PROGRAMFILES%\VideoLAN\VLC\uninstall.exe" /S' />

You have not posted any info on what is going on on your installations,
so i hope this can help you.

On the reader side, i'm still using 10.x and didn't tested anything of
11.x nor upgrade path

Best regards


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