[wpkg-users] WPKG and Windows 8 quirks (was: WPKG Client modified to run at Windows Vista, 7, 8 shutdown)

Krzysztof Gibas killgore at wp.pl
Tue Apr 1 21:35:59 CEST 2014

2014-03-27 at 21:26 Frank Morawietz wrote:

> Which Windows version did you use for testing?
> I would expect some problems with Windows 8 and above (8.1 currently) .

> As far as I understand it, Windows 8 does not shut down if you tell it
> to shut down. Instead, it logs off the user and goes into some kind of
> hibernate mode (saving the main memory to a file) before the computer is
> switched off.

> If you turn the computer on again, it awakes from hibernation, i.e. 
> loads the saved contents into main memory again instead of performing a
> complete boot process.

All of this is not an issue unless you want to update some drivers or
critical system files, because all user applications and services are
in fact shut down and WPKG receives SERVICE_CONTROL_PRESHUTDOWN signal
that allows it to do its job and then terminate.


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