[wpkg-users] WPKG and Windows 8 quirks

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Tue Apr 1 22:24:19 CEST 2014

Hi Frank,

On 01.04.2014 21:44, Frank Morawietz wrote:
> Can't confirm this. I tested the default installation of WPKG on three different
> computers with Windows 8 and WPKG was never run automatically.

This is a Windows 8(.1) feature. Windows 8 never relly shuts down kernel and 
services. In fact when you chose shutdown it will log off all users and then 
hibernate session 0. So it's basically the same as hibernating on the logon screen.

As a result Windows 8 will not cleanly reboot and therefore also not initialize 
services on next resume (boot). This is also the main reason people believe 
Windows 8 is faster at boot than Windows 7. It does not actually reboot but just 
resume. Unless you select the "reboot" option; then it performs a real shutdown 
and also takes much longer to restart (about the same time as Windows 7).

Also keep that in mind in case of some service issues (e.g. crashed spooler 
etc.). A shutdown and subsequent power on of the machine does not solve such 
issues as Windows is not actually re-initialized. So issues which could be 
solved on next power up in Windows 7 will persist in Windows 8 until next reboot 
(usually once a month on patch day). So it's always a good idea to tell users to 
reboot even if they say they just started the machine "cleanly" a minute ago.

In order to solve the WPKG initialize at "fake shutdown/startup" I am using a 
scheduled task triggered by System EventID 27 which is fired by Windows 8 after 
such a resume.

Here's a task export:


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