[wpkg-users] Read exitcode of previous install command?

Nils Thiele it.service.kultur at uni-hamburg.de
Fri Dec 11 12:43:28 CET 2015

i was creating a package for IE11, we have deactivated it by default but 
because some SAP Webinterface wont work on Firefox we now have to 
activate it again on some clients (All Windows 7 SP1).

I thought i use the ie11 install package for this and not use dism so 
the latest version gets installed right away, if i would use dism on 
those clients it would activate iexplorer 8 first and then needs to 
install all the update through windows update.

On my WPKG Test System i had Internet Explorer activated allready and it 
was updated to the latest version. I deactivated it and ran the 
installer but it quits returning exitcode 40008 (Newer Version allready 
installed), even tho internet explorer is not installed at the moment.
The Solution would be to use dism here instead of the installer to 
activate ie again.
Is there a way to do this inside a wpkg package?

For example run the installer, if exitcode is 40008 run this command?
This is a very rare case but i would like to cover every possible system 
and maybe something similiar is needed in the future for another package.


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