[wpkg-users] How to track the overall installation progress?

Frank Morawietz nestolea at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 20:16:18 CET 2015

Holger Kröber schrieb:
> what can i do to track the overall installation progress? E.g. when i
> deploy package x,
> after three days i want to know, how many computers (e.g 20 of 44) have
> successfully (or not) installed this package.
> I already put the wpgk-logfiles on a network share, but these logfiles
> are not suitable for this kind of task (to much information, to hard to
> extract the information etc).
> One logfile for each package and each computer would be great, like
> this: "Computer1-PackageX-Success.log" or
> "Computer1-PackageY-ERROR.log". This way, i would have a quick overview
> and the name of the logfile is enough information, no need to write
> content to the logs.
> How you guys handle this?

I either create a custom logfile per software after the installation on 
a network share or I check the installed version against a named version 
and e.g. write a message to a file on the network share with this 

Of course, this is only manageable as I only have a fistfull of nodes. 
For a larger number the report mentioned by Stefan might become interesting.

Frank Morawietz

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