[wpkg-users] How to track the overall installation progress?

Nicolas Briche nbriche at free.fr
Thu Feb 19 13:03:20 CET 2015


Le 2015-02-17 21:07, Holger Kröber a écrit :
> Hello,
> what can i do to track the overall installation progress? E.g. when i
> deploy package x,
> after three days i want to know, how many computers (e.g 20 of 44)
> have successfully (or not) installed this package.

I use GLPI/FusionInventory to deploy WPKG packages.  The latest version 
of FusionInventory's management console shows you the deployment 
progress as graphs for each task (as a half-circle showing percentage of 
clients successfully updated, ready to update, currently updating, and 

I configure FusionInventory deployment tasks as a WPKG 
"/install:<package> /quitonerror" command, which allows FusionInventory 
to show WPKG's error output in case of failure.  It's usually enough, 
but sometimes I have to go fetch the full log in a share.

Best of both worlds, really.  Of course, that means that I don't really 
use /synchronize as a regular command.  I basically use it only when I 
first install a new machine, or to update a machine that hasn't seen the 
light of network for a while.  Also some OUs, using WPKG-GP.  In fact, 
with 250 clients and many, many use cases, the WPKG profile management 
upon which /synchronize relies would be too complex for me to maintain 
by hand.  So I only have the 'new-client' profile, which 
installs/maintains a basic stack.  All the rest is managed by GLPI/FI 
deployments as kind of WPKG wrappers.

With your exemple (44 clients), I'd guess you've got enough machines 
(and probably servers, printers and switches) to justify using something 
like GLPI.


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