[wpkg-users] Java 8 on Win64 - the saga continues...

Marco Schmidt schmidt at fgcz.ethz.ch
Sat Feb 20 08:38:23 CET 2016


If the java8 installer is run under system user, it starts and exists
with error 0 without doing its job.

I assume this is because the installer wants to write the msi in the
AppData of the installing user.
Does the system user have an AppData folder?
Or is it possible to "fake" a user by setting some environment variables?

After changing the "WPKG Service" to run under a "real" user (e.g.
administrator) it worked.

Thats probably why installing via the extracted msi is the only way.

By the way, the msi installer is part of "Oracle Java SE Advanced &
Suite Products" for "Oracle Customers":


Greetings ...

On 26.01.2016 22:06, Frank Morawietz wrote:
> Hi,
> I resumed my fights with the automated installation of Java 32-bit on
> Windows 64-bit...
> Now, I am some steps further and got some new insights that I would like
> to share with you.
> I found two situations where the installation simply hung:
> 1. When using  PSExec
> On the very first start, PSExec interactively asks for confirmation of
> it's license. So, before using PSExec for installation, I had to start
> it interactively once, so that I could accept the license before using
> it. For using it in the system context, I had even to start it like
> this: "PSExec -s -i PSExec".
> 2. The Java installer dialog
> The dialog of the Java installer has to be avoided by the appropriate
> start parameters.
> This hung situation was bad, because not only the Java installer, but
> also the WPKG service itself got stock. Especially on Windows 8, WPKG
> could only get back to work by either manually killing the hanging
> installation processes or by performing an explicit reboot. Otherwise,
> it keeps on hanging until the next Windows-update-caused reboot...   :-(
> Then, I finally got the installation working. - At least on Windows 7,
> 64-bit. I had to start the setup program (jre-8uXX-windows-i586.exe)
> with "%COMSPEC% /c", otherwise it failed with error code -80. I don't
> know why it works without for you, Holger. Do you use another
> installation program?
> On Windows 8.1, the very same installation commands are still failing.
> Or better, they succeed, but they only pretend.(!)
> 2016-01-26 19:38:32, DEBUG   : Executing command: '%COMSPEC% /c
> %SOFTWARE%\jre-%UPDATEVER%u%SHORTUPDATEVER%-windows-i586.exe %PARAM% >>
> %JAVA_LOG%' ('C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c
> \\INSTSERV\autoinst\software\jre-8u71-windows-i586.exe INSTALL_SILENT=1
> /L \\INSTSERV\autoinst\logs\PC01-java-update.txt.log >>
> \\INSTSERV\autoinst\logs\PC01-java-update.txt').
> 2016-01-26 19:38:41, INFO    : Command '%COMSPEC% /c
> %SOFTWARE%\jre-%UPDATEVER%u%SHORTUPDATEVER%-windows-i586.exe %PARAM% >>
> %JAVA_LOG%' returned  exit code [0]. This exit code indicates success.
> 2016-01-26 19:38:41, INFO    : Command in installation of Java Runtime
> Environment returned exit code [0]. This exit code indicates success.
> So, the installation was obviously successful. But nothing got
> installed! There is no Java installation nor does even the logfile get
> created.
> A few lines later, WPKG notices this itself and reports it in the log file:
> 2016-01-26 19:38:44, ERROR   : Could not process (upgrade) Java Runtime
> Environment.|Failed checking after installation.
> Has anybody else ever experienced this? Any ideas?
> All the best,
> Frank

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