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--- Comment #11 from Robl <robl at grrl.lib.mn.us> ---
>NO. This is NOT correct.
>Launching %windir%\SysWOW64\cscript.exe will forcybly launch the 32-bit >version. Remember: SysWoW64 always contains 32-bit binaries!

I understand what you're saying but are you sure that what I wrote was
incorrect? The string of code I put is opening the wrapper.js, shouldn't this
trump the environment that opened it? You stated that:

>If you'reunsure then change the script to launch wrapper.js rather than >wpkg.js directly. wrapper.js will ensure to launch wpkg.js in 64-bit >cscript.exe even if wrapper.js itself is launched from 32-bit cscript.exe.

Which is what I was trying to portray in the reply you said was not correct; I
just want to make sure that I'm fully understanding this since I have yet to
figure out what the wrapper.js "actually" does.

I just wanted to say thank you for everyones support on helping me figure this

Thank you!!

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