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--- Comment #12 from Rainer Meier <r.meier at wpkg.org> ---
(In reply to Robl from comment #11)
> I understand what you're saying but are you sure that what I wrote was
> incorrect? The string of code I put is opening the wrapper.js, shouldn't
> this trump the environment that opened it? You stated that:

Alright, I thin this was my reading-inability at 1am in the morning. I didn't
actually take into account you're calling wrapper.js. Actually you are right
that if you call wrapper.js it should not make any difference whether you do
this from 32-bit or 64-bit cscript.exe as wrapper.js will launch
sysnative\cscript.exe on 64-bit systems to run wpkg.js.

Though this is the absolute last thing you should do. Especially as your case
described would run the wrong cscript.exe on purpose just to fix this mistake
by wrapper.js. Moreover execution time will increase.

So you should first try to run the right cscript.exe. Especially as you already
use a wrapper cmd script which can do this easily. For example:

@echo off
set CSCRIPT=%SystemRoot%\system32\cscript.exe
if exist "%SystemRoot%\sysnative\cscript.exe" set

start /wait "WPKG" "%CSCRIPT%" /b /nologo \\DOMAIN\wpkg\wpkg.js /synchronize
/quiet /nonotify /noreboot >> c:\temp\maint_status.log 2>>&1

That's basically all it needs on your side to assure you're running WPKG with
64-bit cscript.exe. Just if this does not work replace the call to wpkg.js with
the call to wrapper.js which will do all the selection for you.

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