[wpkg-users] remove from packages.xml (in repo) instead of local wpkg.xml

Chris chris33489 at posteo.de
Sat Jul 16 17:19:53 CEST 2016

Dear WPKG community,

by default a package removal triggers the package's removal command as 
it is cached in the local %systemroot%\system32\wpkg.xml on the 
individual clients. This makes it hard to fix issues/bugs in remove 
commands. (You have to get the remove command 100% right and bug-free 
when you build the package. Otherwise you don't have the chance to make 
any fixes if you have a large client base that isn't consistently online 
so that you could i.e. remove the local wpkg.xml file). Is it somehow 
possible to configure WPKG that package removals happen based on the 
package's remove command in the central package.xml file instead of the 
local wpkg.xml on every client?


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