[wpkg-users] remove from packages.xml (in repo) instead of local wpkg.xml

Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 23:28:35 CEST 2016

Am 16.07.2016 um 17:19 schrieb Chris:
> Dear WPKG community,
> by default a package removal triggers the package's removal command as
> it is cached in the local %systemroot%\system32\wpkg.xml on the
> individual clients. This makes it hard to fix issues/bugs in remove
> commands. (You have to get the remove command 100% right and bug-free
> when you build the package. Otherwise you don't have the chance to make
> any fixes if you have a large client base that isn't consistently online
> so that you could i.e. remove the local wpkg.xml file). Is it somehow
> possible to configure WPKG that package removals happen based on the
> package's remove command in the central package.xml file instead of the
> local wpkg.xml on every client?

No, the remove is always done with the client, but there is also the 
update run before the remove, if there is one pending, so you can fix 
the remove command and it will be fixed just before the remove.

When I find that a remove command needs an update, but not the 
application, I do the following:

1) correct the remove command(s)

2) increase the package revision
    a) if I use the application version as the package revision,
       i) I append the current date
          revision="%PKG_VERSION%" gets
       ii) if I have to change it multiple times on one day,
           I append the time of day too
           revision="%PKG_VERSION%.2016.07.16" gets

3) add the attribute >>precheck-upgrade="always"<< to the package
    to make sure the update code is only run when really needed

This way the remove command(s) get updated before the remove.

*Stefan P.*

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