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Wed Dec 20 15:42:04 CET 2017

Hi everybody

I need to deploy a software to English and German Windows systems, which 
works flawlessly until German users also want to use the English version 
of said software.

Since these cases are few, I thought about introducing a new environment 
variable to determine the correct language, but I have troubles 
understanding how the "switch" would work.

Here's the language selection part of my package.

<!-- Default language de --> <variable  name="PKG_LANG"  value="de"/>

<!-- Overwrite if lcid is en -->
<variable  name="PKG_LANG"  value="en"  lcid="409,809,c09,2809,1009,2409,3c09,4009,3c09,4009,3809,1809,2009,4409,1409,3409,4809,1c09,2c09,3009"/>

<check  type="registry"  condition="equals"  path="|HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session 
Manager\Environment|\USERLANG"  value="en"   > <variable name="PKG_LANG" value="en"/> </check> As far as I 
understand, PKG_LANG should be assigned the value "en" when the USERLANG 
env var is found and set to "en". The logs show that the registry Key 
exists and has the correct value but PKG_LANG still stays on "de". Any 
hints are appreciated. Thanks Tom

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