[wpkg-users] /forceinstall option does not seem to work

Bernhard Mayr bmmayr at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 19:49:32 CEST 2020

Hi Luke,

from what the page on wpkg.js flags (https://wpkg.org/WPKG_flags) says, I
would assume that it works as you expected. However this page is for a
previous version of wpkg.js flags and it also says:

*"A better way is to increase a package revision for a single package (the
one you know is broken), and make an "upgrade" of that single package."*

That is exactly what I do in those cases, when I just want to run an
install again, without actually changing anything and it works quite well.
In these cases I also omit any check conditions and use execute="once" and
it will only run when I increase the package revision.

If an install doesn't take many resources and doesn't minded being
installed all over again frequently you can also use execute="always" (

Am So., 2. Aug. 2020 um 11:01 Uhr schrieb Luke Whitehorn <
luke.whitehorn at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I've been trying to crack this one for a while now, but with no luck.
> It should be simple; I have a package installed, and I just want WPKG to
run the install again. Ignore checks, just run it again.
> It seems like the /forceinstall flag should do this, but it just isn't
> I am running the following command (and multiple similar variants):
> cscript.exe
/force /forceinstall /install:"nymus-client" /nonotify
> Which gives me this output:
> Package 'Nymus Client' (nymus-client): Already installed. Re-installation
> Package 'Nymus Client' (nymus-client): Already installed (checks
succeeded). Checking dependencies and chained packages.
> Package 'Nymus Client' (nymus-client): Package and all dependencies are
already installed. Skipping.
> Package 'Nymus Client' (nymus-client): Package and all chained packages
are already installed. Skipping.
> Why is it skipping after saying 'Re-installation enforced'? Why wont it
just install?
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