[sheepdog-users] object cache questions

Maxim Terleckiy terleckiy at emu.ru
Mon Feb 3 12:58:47 CET 2014

02.02.2014 13:53, Valerio Pachera ?????:
> 2014-02-01 Maxim Terletskiy <terletskiy at emu.ru 
> <mailto:terletskiy at emu.ru>>:
>     the reason before found that "nodiratime" is root of the evil. 
>     Hope this information would be usefull for somebody.
> Sure it  is.
> Has any body else been able to reproduce this problem?
> What version of sheep are you running?
For me "nodiratime" problem arises with QEMU 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.7.0. Using 
CentOS 6.5 x86_64, sheep version 0.7.6 with zookeeper, object cache on 
ext4 partition, dual-nic with bonded ethernet for cluster communication 
and IPoIB for IO. Sheep options I'm using on VM nodes:
sheep -g -c 
-y -i host=,port=7001 -w 

>     Now I'm curious about object cache failover. What happen if volume
>     with cache will fail? Will sheep and VMs live or will they die?
> I'm also curious.
> I think it's not handled as of now.
> It would be good that, in case of I/O error from the cache device, 
> sheep disables cache (like a node md unplug).
Morita Kazukata writes that VMs must survive. I will try to do some tests.
>     (I found that with restart of sheep process VMs connected to it dying)
> They shouldn't, but this depends on your qemu version.
> Qemu supports auto-reconnect. As soon as sheep daemon is available 
> again, the vm will issue their I/O requests.
Tried twice with QEMU 1.6.1. Both times result was negative.
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