[wpkg-users] Order of package removals and install/upgrades

Chris Mortimer cm214 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 23 22:09:42 CET 2011

Hello Malte,

Thanks for your reply. All makes sense apart from 

'The exception being 
upgrades to packages scheduled for removal and then maybe (?) upgrades to their dependencies.'

sorry, not sure I follow this bit. Do you mean that if a package has been removed from profiles.xml and that package has also been edited to upgrade it, the upgrade will happen first, then it will be removed?

Many thanks

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Am Mittwoch, 23. November 2011, 21:04:07 schrieb C. Mortimer:
> Hello all,
> I'm currently deploying Flash 10.x via WPKG but I now want to deploy Flash
> 11 (this is to Win7 Pro machines). My question is, if I make a new xml
> package file with a new name of flash11 but give it the same priority
> number as my flash10 xml file and then comment out the flash10 name from my
> profiles.xml (forcing flash 10 to be removed), will flash10 be removed
> _before_ flash11 is installed, does WPKG remove a package first _then_ look
> for new installations/upgrades of packages with the same priority?

Removals happen first, before anything new is installed.  The exception being 
upgrades to packages scheduled for removal and then maybe (?) upgrades to 
their dependencies.  If you change the package's name and remove flash10 from 
the profile, flash11 will stay out of the way until flash10 is gone.

Apart from that, the flash installer is fine with just installing over an older 
version.  So instead you could just bumb the package's revision and adapt the 
commands to version 11 instead of adding an unrelated (from WPKG's 
perspective) new package.

Priority is not involved here and in general, I'd recommend using dependencies 
instead.  Priorities (absolute package order) are basically a kludge to work 
around missing explicit dependency specifications (relative package order).

> Hope this makes sense :)

Guess so :)

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