[wpkg-users] Supporting multiple languages for FF/TB

Stefan Pendl stefan.pendl.71 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 19:31:35 CEST 2016

Am 08.04.2016 um 15:23 schrieb Dave Evans:
> of course the difficulty might be that WPKG runs in the SYSTEM context,
> which might not reflect the user context
> in the particular case of installing Thunderbird, I notice that the file
> C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\install.log
> contains the string:
>    Locale     : en-GB
> which I'm guessing (you'd have to check) is the language it was
> installed in, regardless of which Locale the operating system is set to
> the tip about reading the LCID is also useful (remembering that that
> might not be what the user sees)
> list of all languages here:
> https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-gb/goglobal/bb964664.aspx

The problem is that you cannot install multiple languages, so your best 
bet is to use the language of the system.

     <package id="Firefox" name="Mozilla Firefox" revision="%PKG_VER%" 
reboot="false" priority="100">
         <!-- higher priority is used to install before Java and Flash 
Player without defining a dependency -->
         <!-- set version variables -->
         <variable name="PKG_VER" value="45.0.1" />
         <!-- set destination folder -->
         <variable name="PKG_DEST" value="%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla 
Firefox"      architecture="x86"/>
         <variable name="PKG_DEST" value="%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla 
Firefox" architecture="x64"/>
         <!-- default language is English -->
         <variable name="PKG_LNG" value="en-us"/>
         <!-- overwrite default language for German systems -->
         <variable name="PKG_LNG" value="de" lcid="407,c07,1407,1007,807"/>

         <check type="uninstall" condition="versiongreaterorequal" 
path="Mozilla Firefox .+" value="%PKG_VER%" />

         <install cmd='"%SOFTWARE%\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox Setup 
%PKG_VER% %PKG_LNG%.exe" /S' />

         <upgrade include="install" />

         <remove cmd='"%PKG_DEST%\uninstall\helper.exe" /s' />
         <remove cmd="%ComSpec% /c ping -n 11 localhost >NUL 2>NUL" />

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