[wpkg-users] Supporting multiple languages for FF/TB

Johan Ho Johan.Ho at mf.no
Mon Apr 11 11:06:30 CEST 2016

I can't help but wonder, would it not be simpler to just install 
Thunderbird in the "majority language", and then help the minority 
language users to switch language in their own Thunderbird profile f.ex. 
using Simple Locale Switcher:

Since language packs are installed the same way as addons, I assume that 
with this method, the setting should be stored in their Thunderbird 
profile. So it should work across computers if you're using roaming 
profiles, and it would not be dependent on what language version of 
Thunderbird is installed on each machine, or if a machine is reinstalled 
with the "wrong" language version of Thunderbird.

I might be wrong though, since I haven't actually tested this myself.

Johan Ho

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