[wpkg-users] Supporting multiple languages for FF/TB

Holger Kröber kroeber at biom.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Apr 11 11:29:24 CEST 2016


i would also prefer this method. But with the simple locale switcher you 
also have to download the
language pack (and update it at least on major version changes or does 
Thunderbird update the
installed languages packs automatically?)
If you don´t want to use an addon, another solution is to just install 
the language pack
and then use general.useragent.locale (prefs.js or about:config).

Does anybody figured out something to do this with a script etc.?
Another design question is, if you install the LP globaly (for all 
users) or in the thunderbird profile of the user.

I think wpkg is not designed to scope it to user accounts, but to 
computer names.


Am 11.04.2016 um 11:06 schrieb Johan Ho:
> I can't help but wonder, would it not be simpler to just install 
> Thunderbird in the "majority language", and then help the minority 
> language users to switch language in their own Thunderbird profile 
> f.ex. using Simple Locale Switcher:
>     https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/simple-locale-switcher/ 
> Since language packs are installed the same way as addons, I assume 
> that with this method, the setting should be stored in their 
> Thunderbird profile. So it should work across computers if you're 
> using roaming profiles, and it would not be dependent on what language 
> version of Thunderbird is installed on each machine, or if a machine 
> is reinstalled with the "wrong" language version of Thunderbird.
> I might be wrong though, since I haven't actually tested this myself.
> Johan Ho
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