[Sheepdog] questions about qemu-img and sheepdog

jidalyg_8711 jidalyg_8711 at 163.com
Wed Jan 12 14:17:25 CET 2011

Thanks your reply!

I'll try it again.

Some other questions:
1,The base image need to be a snapshot ?  Why can't be a raw image?
   For local disk images ,The following commands worked well:
   $ qemu-img -b debian-base.img -f qcow2 debian_inc.img

2, I have do somethings and I found the following output:
[root at sim92 store_dir]# collie cluster info
Waiting for other nodes joining
Ctime                Epoch Nodes
2011-01-11 14:07:26     12 [,,]

And I can't use the sheepdog now . Why this happened ?

Thanks you very much !



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> Hi, I've used the sheepdog .It is the great project!
> I have one question about qemu-img and sheepdog, 
> Does sheepdog support the growable disk images (their size increase as non empty sectors are written),Like as :
> $qemu-img -b sheepdog:debian -f qcow2 sheepdog : debian_inc
A snapshot tag is missing for the base image, and you can use only a
raw format for Sheepdog.
> sheepdog : debian is the based image
> sheepdog : debian_inc is the increase image.
> I tried this command ,but failed. So how the sheepdog create the increase images?
Try the followings:
 1. Create a base image
      $ qemu-img convert ./image.raw sheepdog:debian
 2. Take a snapshot to use as a base image
      $ qemu-img snapshot -c base sheepdog:debian
 3. Create a cloned image from sheepdog:debian:base
      $ qemu-img create -b sheepdog:debian:base sheepdog:debian_inc
See also:
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