"Advanced WPKG" (WAS: Re: [wpkg-users] MD5 hash)

Jérémie j.tarot at tecsas.fr
Wed Apr 5 11:37:52 CEST 2006

Tomasz Chmielewski a écrit :
> Jérémie wrote:
>> Michael Chinn a écrit :
>>> At present I have added packages to wpkg using bat & perl scripts 
>>> that download a zip of the program, check the MD5, extract, run and 
>>> then delete the zip/temp files. This allows for disconnections during 
>>> installations, partially downloaded files fail the checksum and are 
>>> downloaded again until they work. That got me thinking if some of 
>>> this functionality could be incorporated into wpkg directly, 
>>> specifically the MD5sums of the installer command (I use the gnu 
>>> md5sum.exe port). I would offer some code however my knowledge only 
>>> extends (at the moment) to bat files and perl.
>> That'd be _really_really_ cool ! Both with http(s) support, we'd be on 
>> the way to "winapt" ;) :P
> Hmm, interesting idea.
> Sounds like we could do:
> wpkg /update_sources  - to update package definitions

/me so excited ! :D

> wpkg /install_web acrobat_reader  - to install packages off the web

I'd better have a sources.xml defining where to find package sources, 
and maybe thus providing a normalized way to define package path. Then 
whatever the sources you defined (smb, http or any other in the future), 
you would still use the same ''wpkg /install'' command.

> However, I think perl installation would be an overkill for that.

+1, one nice thing with wpkg is that it has "no" dependencies provided 
your windows setup satisfies to very few requirements. On the other 
hand, this may lead to "reinvent the wheel" if Perl could already 
provide usable code...

> Probably we could use some Cygwin tools like wget, md5sum, unzip etc., 
> installed in \\server\wpkg\tools?

When I think to internet based deployment, a la apt/yum/urpmi..., these 
mandatory tools may be bundled with wpkg in a (silent) installer so that 
"isolated" hosts can be autonomous and pull their updates straight from 
a web server

Very Bests

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