[wpkg-users] WPKG client 1.2.1 oddities..

Manny manny at cse.concordia.ca
Thu Aug 7 16:25:42 CEST 2008

Hannes Gruber wrote:
> Juche Manny,
>> When I click on Show the message, I receive an alternative desktop 
>> that is missing the start button and desktop icons and has only the 
>> windows I requested in the execute before/after.  From this window I 
>> can see that  the NET command I used in my config gives me the message:
>> " N: has a remembered connection to: \\filer-windepot\windepot" do 
>> you want to overwrite that connection? Y/N [Y]:
> Why not execute
>     net use /DELETE * (or something like that)
> before you use your net use to connect to N: so you will never have 
> any problem with already mounted devices.
> Hannes
Not sure why I didn't try that before and I think that is only one of 
the issues but thanks everyone for your help.  I will be hacking away at 
this more today and will get back with progress..


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