[wpkg-users] WPKG and WOL (WAS: Re: Global max execution time hardcoded?)

Carlos R. Pasqualini pasqualinic at fcal.uner.edu.ar
Wed Apr 3 17:18:00 CEST 2013

El mié, 03-04-2013 a las 09:18 +0200, Nicolas BRICHE escribió:
> Hello,
> Stefan Pendl a écrit , Le 02/04/2013 18:34:
> >>
> >> You have instructed your users not to shutdown their box, but instead
> >> to logoff?
> > 
> > Yes, users are instructed to just log off to allow computer maintenance 
> > to run smoothly.
> We're in the middle of an internal review of our deployment practices, and we're
> considering going that way - asking our users to just log off.

we too!

> Since we're far from confident that they'll actually follow those instructions,
> we're also looking into a Wake-on-LAN fallback mechanism to access boxes that
> were shutdown either despite instructions, by power failure, put into automatic
> sleep, or otherwise (soooo many ways to put down a box...).
> When planning your instructions to your users, did you consider WOL?  Did you
> find any major drawbacks?  I wouldn't want to visit 200 BIOSes to enable WOL,
> only to find out there's a show-stopper somewhere down the line...

I'am considering something like it, but found a drawback:

Steps OK:
* enabled wol on a machine
* shut down (normally from windows).
* send magic packet
The machine starts ok..

Steps BAD:
* enabled wol
* cut power, restore power
* send magic packet
Nothing happens...

I was thinking on configure the PCs to power on after power fail, but
that will make a system to get powered on at any time, not only on the
maintenance window.

i think it would be good for ours, the sysadmins using wpkg, to share
thoughts on other ways of executing cscript and keeping users happy.

best regards

Carlos Pasqualini

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